Kiwigrass Academy – Program


Instrument tuition

  • Fiddle
  • Banjo
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Mandolin

Elective classes

  • Harmony singing
  • Band dynamics
  • Working a single mic
  • Song arrangements
  • Instrumental arrangements
  • Song writing
  • How to be a good band member
  • Band management
  • Audio and PA techniques

Program content and schedule may be refined and updated.

Kiwigrass Academy overview.


Check-in from 2pm Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday Morning:

  • Breakfast
  • 1 hour tuition – your instrument
  • 1 hour elective lesson

Wednesday and Thursday Afternoon:

  • 1 hour tuition – your instrument
  • 1 hour elective lesson
  • 45 minute master class for all attendees sharing stories and insights from our guests.

Wednesday and Thursday Evening:

  • Dinner
  • Wednesday evening concert (optional)
  • Thursday band scramble concert (optional). Depending on numbers and availability participants will be put into new scrambled bands on Wednesday with time to learn two songs for the Thursday concert.  It’s a fun and hilarious thing and a great way for you to make new musical friends instead of hanging out with the same old same old.


Lonely Heartstring band

  • George Clements – guitar, vocals
  • Patrick M’Gonigle – fiddle, vocals
  • Charles Clements – bass, vocals
  • Matt Witler – mandolin
  • Gabe Hirshfeld – banjo

Bluegrass Parkway

  • Paul Duff – mandolin
  • Maria Duff – bass
  • Donal Baylor – fiddle
  • Additional assistance from Mick O’Neill (banjo) and Wayne Perry (guitar)

Special tutors

  • Mark Mazengarb
  • Additional assistance from the Pipi Pickers

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