Blackboard Concerts

  • This is a bluegrass festival so let’s keep your songs going in that direction. (Hint: you can bluegrass up almost any song with a banjo and a bluegrass band.) Keep in mind, Kiwigrass is a “Wagon Wheel Free Zone”.
  • Bluegrass bands are what we want to see in blackboard concerts, so as a starting point the number of songs equals the number of  band members. If you are a solo performer you probably won’t get on, so best gather some friends before putting your name down. If you can’t find any friends, members of the Back Porch Bluegrass Band may be around and happy to be your friends in the Blackboard Concert.
  • The MC is the stage manager and you must respect their decisions.
  • The MC will curate the list of performers, the order, and tell you how many songs you get.  This means the blackboard concerts are not first in first served although that is an important consideration.
  • Some spots in the blackboard concerts have been prioritised for out of town bands.
  • The PA set up is a central condenser mic, a couple of instrument mics, and a DI on the bass.
  • Acclimatise your instrument at the café, tune up before you go on, trust your tuner and don’t let nervousness drive you to re-tune unnecessarily.
  • Blackboard concerts are concerts, so let’s keep the chat to a minimum.
  • If you whizz in, do your spot, and then whizz straight out without a decent turn as an appreciative audience, make sure you are crazy good enough that you can get away with it.

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