Can I use my credit card on site?

Cash, EFTPOS, and credit card purchases will be available on site for all Narrows Park and Kiwigrass sales of festival passes, raffle tickets, pool passes, festival merchandise and Paul’s birthday breakfast.

Food and beverage trucks will have their own policies, and guest acts may only accept cash for CDs and band merchandise, so best bring some cash.

What is Bluegrass?



noun: bluegrass; noun: Kentucky bluegrass

  1. a bluish-green grass which was introduced into North America from northern Europe, widely grown (especially in Kentucky and Virginia) for fodder.
  2. a kind of country music characterized by virtuoso playing of banjos and guitars and high-pitched, close-harmony vocals.


Bluegrass music is a form of American roots music. It is named after the Blue Grass Boys, the 1939–1996 band of Kentucky mandolin player and songwriter Bill Monroe, who is considered “the father of bluegrass”. It was further developed by musicians who played with him, including 5-string banjo player Earl Scruggs and guitarist Lester Flatt. It was then evolved by other musicians who admired the high-energy instrumental and vocal music Monroe’s group created, and who carried it on into new bands, some of which created subgenres of bluegrass.
Bluegrass is influenced by the music of Appalachia and other styles, including gospel and jazz read more…

Can I camp at Narrows Park?

Camping facilities at Narrows Park include two camp kitchens, showers and laundry.  You need to bring all your own camping gear, crockery and cooking utensils, reusable drink bottles, towels, more towels, and toiletries. All going well the weather will be sunny and hot, so even though our concert venues are indoors, make sure you have everything you need to “slip, slop, slap.”

We strive to be a sustainable festival, and your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated! Please bring refillable drink bottles and use instead of single use bottles. Minimise waste wherever you can, doing a few dishes is a lot easier than finding a new planet!